Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Happy Hump Day Banded Friends...

Hey all,

Its been a few days since I have posted as I am back at work and busy as ever.....

Work, this one thing that I really need to maintain my life style but the one thing that interferes with so much. That being said I am so grateful and blessed to have a job when so many don't.

Anywho's I went in for my first post op appt on Monday I was a little nervous but have come down 17 total pounds since my visit about 1.5 weeks ago. In all I think it was the big dump I was finally able to take after no dump for about 4 days... HOLLY COW I was getting nervous. I had taken a double dose, then a triple does of Milk of Magnesia with no signs of relief in sight. Apparently this is normal... ;)

None the less after a 4 day back up... I was excited to see like 6lbs drop off the scale over night... Then.... I woke up the next morning and had gained 5lbs. --WHAT THE HELL!!!! I swore then I could not weigh in every day or I will make my self crazy. I have no idea what could have contributed to the 5lbs over night. Eek!

Anyways I cooked some spinach and my hubby put some cod on the grill with some lemon slices... Dinner was great... Then last night I took a Panera made soup that I bought at Costco and doctored it up a bit with some skinless rotisserie chicken and some sauteed bacon. We also had a small fresh spinach salad with a few strawberry's, mandarin oranges (that had been in juice made with splenda) and a dressing made with EVOO and some lemon juice. Again dinner was great last night. The last two nights have also been interesting with exercise. Monday night we worked out with the Xbox 360, while it was fun.... I think the last Zumba exercise may have put me over..... My port was so sore later that night and the next day. Even with a sore port I swore I would do more exercise because I had to get rid of the extra 5 lbs. Last evening we were able to catch some daylight and thought it would be nice to grab the dog and go for brisk walk.  The walk was really nice because we got to discover parts of our neighborhood that we didn't know where there. :)

For dinner tonight I think we will have some more cod on the grill with some stir fry vegetables. I have vowed to up my water intake. I was so pumped about my walk and the need to lose weight that I sat down last night, watched biggest loser which was a very AWESOME episode, and ate a SF Popsicle and sipped water until I had finished my 33.8 oz bottle of Smart water.  For me this is huge, if I drink 30 oz of anything in a day that's a miracle, much less water.  The best part is I had already drank 48 oz of water at work. Yeah me!!!

Today I have brought two bottles of smart water with the hopes to have them both done by the time I go to bed tonight. Last but not least... Thanks soooo much to , Lisa, Kelly Smith, Sarah G and Mdlapband for offering great advice and ideas on the last blog. I did not get to respond to each of you and wanted to express my gratitude for your thoughts....

For those of you who read the last blog... I am not sure if I will do the protein shots or not, but I will let you know if I give em' a try. Also I think it will come down to NB or Brooks on the shoes. I will plan to go to a running store this weekend and give em' a shot.

Ciao for now and best wishes to all...



  1. good job on the water I have a hard time getting enough in.

  2. Don't worry about zooming up and down the scale at the moment - it's normal and can't always be explained. You're doing AMAZING!! If it's going to make you crazy then definitely don't weigh in everyday - I weigh in about 3x per week but usually only count it one official day a week. Well done on exercise and yummy healthy sounding meals! x

  3. Scales lie!!! I am telling you little green men live in them and screw with you just for laughs!!!;) LOL!!! Honestly there is no rhyme or reason and yes weighing yourself everyday will drive you to the looney bin, pick one day and stick to it as best you can....start with 2 if you need to, I did!!! Your doing great, keep it up!!;)

  4. I agree - You KNOW you didn't gain 5 pounds in a night so don't worry. We are in for the long haul! Keep sipping and keep moving and the scale will move for all of us :) Great post tho!!

  5. Wow, 17 lbs in 1.5 weeks? That's crazy. I wish I could lose that much now. Might just get me to goal! ;)

  6. Geez Louise...17.5 pounds!!!!! That is amaze-balls. I have never used that word before, but your loss has warranted it, lol!

  7. 17.5 is awesome!!! I always weigh more in the mornings than I do at night...I retain fluid in the mornings and usually pee it out by night.