Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Thanks so much...

Omg, Omg, Omg, I am so freakin excited that you all have allowed me "in". Thanks so much for all of you who have sent me well wishes...

So day 5 post op... What the heck is going on with me... So my belly button seems to be my biggest pain point. My port site seems to be playing fair and healing nicely. It hurts so bad when I have to use my abs in any way. Additionally I feel dizzy quite often and my back is killing me. Blah, blah, blah, I know the new bratty band gal... Sorry..

I was up working on the computer for work this am, I felt myself going down.... down...down....By down I mean, really dizzy, nauseous and not so swell... So I got up off my patooty and got myself a string cheese and a Fuze drink....

Holy cow these drinks are really good... I had the Strawberry melon and it was delightful. I am starting to get burnt out on the fluids. On a normal day, I hate to drink anything, but when I do decided to have 8-10oz of fluid I don't want to fill my self with aspartame. Oh well, I guess I better drink some H20. My husband made bratwurst last night and I have been dying for one for about 3weeks now. When I asked my husband to make me one he looked at me like I had 4 horns coming out of my head.  He replied " ok, so you can't get down water, but you want a brat!"  what the hell!

 I know, I know.. but I had a classic response... I will puree it... :)  Go Me... Good answer.  He was like what the hell ever... SO he made it for me. I did puree it and it was ok but no the same. I had the equivalent of my thumb nail worth and was done with it. Self pitty kicked in and I started watching the food network. God must have been on  my side because everything they were cooking was disgusting.

White duck kidneys= Duck Testicles
Brown bread in can
Crones= in the artichoke family but look like worms
And the use of cream corn for dessert... I know this sounds like fear factor but it was Chopped. Urg!!!

Anywho's went for a walk last night as I thought I would puke my head off at any moment, but my experience with this thing ( all 5 days worth) told me it was GAS!!! Since I had not walked much I thought this would be the remedy because the gas x strips SUCK!!!! I walked about 3 blocks and I was so out of breath. I was thinking holy freaking cow... Now I have been a big girl 4 eva but could keep up with the best of them.  It must just be part of the recovery.

While I have told my self my weight will only count on Fridays I have gotten on the scale everyday. I started preop at 274, day of surgery I was 259.4 according to my scale at home... The one at the hospital said 257.4... As of yesterday I was at 254. I know there are some folks who will see such better weight loss than me, 1). Because they will get there fluids in, 2). I have PCOS... urg! 

Anywho yall.... I am off the blog for now... I am starting to feel a little light headed and think it may be time for some J-E-L-L-O (in my Bill Cosby voice).

Ciao for now!



  1. are HEALING!!! That and getting in enough protein/calories is your focus. You're getting dizzy and stuff because you're not getting enough in you. Drink, drink, drink.

  2. I am gonna echo what MandaPanda said. Walking is good but you REALLY do need to take it easy for at least another week - maybe walk up/down your driveway for a few mins to stretch your legs, but really let yourself heal before you start pushing the exercise. Your body is working VERY hard right now to heal so focus everything you have on getting fluids and protein. Maybe get some Sugar free popsicles or make your own with Crystal Light or something as a way to get fluids at a slower, even pace. Are you drinking protein shakes or anything like that?? Protein is #1 for the healing process.

    Not to sound like we are fussing but just don't want you to overdo it and get yourself in a pickle before your healing process is complete. You are gonna do great, but just remember it's all a process and right you are in the healing phase.

    1. Thx AJ... I have a gazillion shakes in the fridge but have not drinkin 2 many... I have a cake batter one that I am gonna mix with some ice and see if I can force it down as a "shake". I will pretend it is cake batter from Cold Stone ;) Ha!

      Thx so much for support....I have to tell myself it's a Marathon not a sprint.

  3. I got some egg drop soup and just filtered out the stuff and drank the broth it did wonders...when I was getting dizzy I think it was from dehydration....make sure you are drinking enough. I went for a 45 min walk yesterday and was DEAD too much...should have stayed at 30 min but I was already out and had to make it home...sore today.

    1. Hey Jennxaz.....

      As it relates to the soup I was thinking to do that with wonton soup or pf changs hot and sour soup....I am starting to feel myself be so hungry...I actually had a protien shake I enjoyed this am which made it a lot easier to consume.

      I feel like I am getting my exercise in but I have to take it easy....same to will be skinny soon enough.