Friday, February 24, 2012

Starting to feel normal again...

Hello all and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

So today was the first day I awoke and didn't feel nauseous. YEAH!!! I think I am starting to feel normal again. I really pushed it to the limit yesterday as I went to the hair dresser and got my self all dolled up. I got my eyebrows threaded, my hair colored, cut and eyebrows died to complement the hair. The gal who does my hair is a doll, but this time she went a little darker than I anticipated and while its much healthier than the blond, it will take some getting use to. I told her I wanted to back off the blond because as I try to balance my protein I don't want me hair to fall out and then the hair I have be damaged. I am planning to go back in 5 weeks and do a protein treatment that will give 84 grams of protein just to my hair alone.... Gotta Love AVEDA. Its an in salon treatment only, as my hope was to do a weekly at home treatment. Oh well...

My port site seems to not hurt at all, my belly button is starting to feel a bit more normal. At night I feel like it is really hard to get anything down, liquids, popsicles anything. Maybe night time is when my band goes to sleep...Not sure if this is long term or will change over time... I will keep you posted...

I had one of the Atkins Shakes yesterday and was good... It was a mocha flavor and truly tasted like a coffee drink. This morning I have had one of the Lean Body shakes (Strawberry and Cream) its not bad and it has 40gs of protein, 260 calories and 9grams of Carbs. You have to drink the entire 17oz to get these nutrients. While the proteins are great, its a lot to drink. Urgh!

I have been thinking of a lot of different questions and I think you all are the perfect audience. If any of you have a thought our idea about the following I would love to know....

Protein Shots.... Yes, no, maybe? Are they a good alternative to having to drink so much liquid with a shake?

Comfy shoes for a not so skinny athlete.... I want to find some work out shoes that will be really comfortable especially while I am still caring the majority of my weight.... Any shoes that you all have loved or HATED....Brooks,New Balance, Nike, Saucony, Adidas???

Did you find that your dr. originally focused on carbs then the focus became more on calories?  How much protein does your dr. recommend per day or how many calories has worked for you?

I have read about the fitbits and I have also read about some nice watches that do a lot of tracking... What do you all prefer, what keeps you motivated, how do you keep track or how did you keep track in the beginning?

Of course I will have a gazillion other questions as I embark on this journey but these are some of the few that I can actually remember at the time of this post. Thanks to all of you in advance who are willing to share...

Happy Friday..


  1. The nutritionist at my doc's office is worthless so I don't take her advice. Honestly, it's trial and error. Make good choices most of the time and you'll be fine. I LOVE New Balance. My advice would be to go to a running store (I know it's intimidating) but they'll look at how you walk and find the best shoe for you. This is what I did and I'm so glad I did as I am SO comfy in my shoes now. :)

    1. Intimidating is and I always feel like they are so expensive....But yet a great research starting point .... thanks....

  2. I don't have any advice for ya on the shoes or protein shots...sorry. I started using myfitnesspal right after getting banded. I am not the kind of person who can "eyeball" it and know how many calories I have had for the day. Maybe some day I will get there, but it's not today (or any day soon). My doctor never focused on carbs (I didn't have to do a pre op diet). He has always focused on calories and protein.

    Glad you feeling better!

    1. No preop

      Wow...what did ur dr suggest for calories and protiens?

  3. I logged my food and fitness in the beginning on Livestrong and then switched to SparkPeople. I love them all as long as you log does not matter how or what you use. LapBandGal used sticky notes and then at then end of the day put it on a spreadsheet she created. So whatever works for you.

    As for the Calories vs proteins, vs carbs ?, I will say this. It is not so much about all of that, as it is keeping your portion size to the correct amount. 1/2 to 1 cup and not detouring from this. This is where it can get really hard for some. I look at all nutrients, but I do not cut out any. When you incorporate exercise into this, you cannot cut your calories to low or you will burn muscle and may even stall your weight loss.

    This is not a DIET! Repeat after me, this is not a DIET!~~~~ (smile)!

    I try to get in no less than 70 grams of protein a day, and I keep my carbs under 150 if at all possible. Calories anywhere from 1300 to 1500 depending on my exercise for the day.

    You have to find what works for you as our bodies are all different and burn at a different rate and so on.

    1. Thx so much Kristin...I am gonna check out spark people I have an account with fitness pal but didnt embrace it because it didnt allow me to focus on carbs which is my drs focus.... or rather I may not know how to use the tool to focus on carbs....

      Portion size will be interesting once my swelling goes down and I am in limbo with restriction I am sure it will really be my focus....Your approach sounds much more reasonable than what my dr is sayin....It sounds much less like a diet....From everything I have heard exercise is the key....I feel like PCOS will be my biggest hurdle,so carbs will stay at the front of my mind but I think limiting myself to 30 carbs a day will not be a longterm challenge I can reasonable make. If that was the case I wouldnt have the band....duh....

      I am hopeful my dr stears from the carb thing post op and starts to focus on longterm goals....Once again thanks so much for so much info.

  4. I wanted to chime in on my Fitbit. I LOVE it. I have had one for years and recevied the new one for Valentine's Day. I wear it everywhere and it's small and discreet. It works with My Fitness Pal. I can definitely see how many carbs I am getting with MFP.

  5. Hey there! New follower! Look forward to reading about your onward journey!! By the way... Vibrams!!! Yes the toe shoes! I HATE sneakers, but needed to find something I could wear to the gym... and sadly crocs weren't cutting it. My Vibrams have seen me through 40 pounds of weight loss and my first 5K!! STRONGLY suggest giving 'em a go!

  6. Shoes are so subjective, what works for me may not work for you. I love Brooks shoes, I've been wearing their Defyance shoe for 3 models now. :) Go to a running store and get properly fitted.

  7. My favorite work out shoes are These New Balances:

    I also love reebok easytones, but they are kind of big shoes.

    My dietician says 50-70 proteins a day for me, but applauds if I get more, and also told us to aim for about 800 cals a day.

    I love myfitnesspal soo soo soo soo much and my fitbit does motivate me to walk more and run up and down the stairs more.

    However... with it's integration with Myfitnesspal, it also inspires me to eat a little more because it seems like I'm not eating enough. I've been contemplating shutting off the automatic integration, but have mainly just been reasoning with myself!

    Hope that helps!

    1. oh! p.s. if you do try the protein shots, let me know what you think!

  8. I found you on the BOOBS blog... I look forward to following your journey. *Maria*~DiZneDiVa: Blogger from "This One Time at Band Camp... 1 Vs. 300 Check out my journey at

  9. So glad I found you! I was banded on 12/5/11 and am down about 48lbs and 32". My dr. like rockband didn't have a preop diet. My dr. is only about calories and protein. He wants me to do no more than 1000 a day and at least 70g of protein. Now he also does NOT believe in protein drinks. He doesn't want me getting use to drinking my calories. But I have never been a real big breakfast eater, so I occassionally do a shake for breakfast. I also do for the reason I like logging what I eat but I can also take my own recipes and plug them in and see how many calories and protein I am eating and still keep the family eating what they know as "normal" I'm interested in this Fitbit thing I've heard about but don't have one yet. I also don't know abouth the shoes, might have to try some suggestions on here. The one thing I did that I am thrilled about is I hired a trainer for 30 min. a time 2x a week. What a difference! Come check out my blog at http;//