Thursday, March 1, 2012

Lisa, my dear Lisa...

OMG Lisa,

This blog is for me you and my banded friend named Gale.....

Wholly freakin cow I think I could eat an entire COW if cooked medium with a side of mash potatoes. I mean my gosh, I am so freakin hungry and I believe the swelling in my belly has moved on. I will be two weeks post op as of tomorrow and I am starting to freak out. I think this is referred to as Bandster hell???? I may have the terminology all wrong but I can tell you one word I am certain the meaning of  HUNGRY!!!!! OMG you guys, so yesterday all I wanted was some skittles, starburst, snickers or something... So here I am running all over the hospital ( I work at a hospital) trying to figure out what the heck I could eat. I went to the gift shop and all the sugar free candy had like 15 -26 carbs for ONE SERVING... R U kiddin me. Urg!!!

So I went back to my office and the urge was so distraction I ate a piece of gum.... Yeah .... That lasted me about 2 seconds. So I googled "low carb candies", - NOTHING! At least nothing that they would have in the gift shop and the one blog I found about low carb candies said it puts you on the "hershey highway". While last week I was complaining about the "Hershey highway" being closed, detoured or under construction.... I surely don't want to be running off in lieu of a little sweet indulgence. Soooo, what is a gal to do... I went and bought 4 different packs of fruit flavored, sugar free gum and some Orange Tic Tac's.... Well I thought this would satisfy some need of mine... Long story short... 60 Tic Tacs - GONE!!! 7 pieces of gum- GONE!!!  Need for sugar and candy... STILL PRESENT!!!! So .... I go home and I cut up some strawberries and put a little splenda on them... Yummy... Did it feel my need for sugar--NO!!!  Next impulse... The big bowl of plain M&M's screaming at me from across the room. So I take about a teaspoon worth of M&M's and a table spoon of peanuts, mixed those together and enjoyed. Did this satisfy my sweet spot, YES!!!  For the moment...

Soooo, my husband thinks I have been starving him and was really grumpy last evening. I suggest we order take out from his favorite restaurant- Istanbul- There rice is to die for and so is there salad so .... I opted to get double salad, no rice and then I get something called the Spice Adana ( has lamb and some other meats pressed and made into shish ka bobs) and grilled chicken skewers. My hubby gets, DOUBLE RICE and Gyro meat with sauce. The portions are way more than 1/2- 1 cup. But at this point I was so FREAKIN hungry I didn't care. So I ate ALL the salad and saved a few pieces of the chicken and about 4 big bites of the Spicy Adana. Feeling pretty good and full at this point I still needed something sweet.

I hear the M&M's bowl screaming at me AGAIN!!! Yikes how did it learn my name.... So I took another teaspoons worth and snuck into my bedroom before my husband could see me. Well I almost got caught... he says "Hey... where are you going" I said I am looking for my cell phone and can't find it anywhere,I will be back in the living room in just a sec. He then says "I have a special treat for you, look I bought some Weight Watchers Ice Cream bars ( fake snickers), not sure how they taste but good for a snack".  I was like ohhhhhh really... welllllllllll, how many carbs does it have.... he says " welllllll about 16 carbs, but if you eat half it only has about 8 carbs.... " I say to him.... " nah, not tonight I have already consumed a lot of crap today, maybe tomorrow night when I exercise".  I proceed to take a quick bite of his just so he doesn't think I totally blew him off ......Then back to the room I go.

Once he has turned his back.... Down the hatch went he M&M's.... Gulp, great, and likely more than 16 carbs.... LOL...

What is a girl to do.....

So Lisa.... I can totally sympathize with you and my friend Gale who doesn't blog at all and was banded the same day as I was.... Please don't cry your self to sleep thinking you are gonna be a chubby gal for the rest of your life because you want to eat everything in site right now.... We are all feelin your pain.

Happy Thursday and thank GOD tomorrow is Friday!!!!


  1. Geez girl... you got me scared of Bandster Hell!!! You could be doing a lot worse. That was a teeny tiny amount of MMs..... I consider it a victory.

  2. LMAO!!!!! Bandster hell SUCKSSSSS!!!! hahahah This post killed me laughing tho. I had a fried pickle last night dipped in ranch and a crab cake for dinner. But I was super lite onmy breakfast and lunch so I didn't break the bank. But - I am tired of being so hungry and having the chocolate scream my name. Girl, I feel ya!!

  3. Hell, I am not in Bandster Hell and the chocolate has been calling me for days....My students carry around bags of chocolate to sell, but I only have a $20.00 and they don't have change...TOM is here and I soooooo want to buy candy...I would be supporting the student's and all ya know!!! Yah right, supporting my junk food junkie habit...why is sugar so hard to resist??? Some people are salt people, but I am sugar and I have been trying to run from that damn stuff all week...Now all I can think of is the Super Bowl M&M commercial..."I'm sexy and I know it"...that Red M&M was hilarious so cute!!! But I still want to eat him!!!

  4. Reggie~ I like the way you think...LOL... A Victory will be when I get my butt on that scale in the AM. HA! We shall see how that goes... LOL!

    Lisa~ I luv fried pickles... Yum...My mind tells me I want to exercise tonight, but not totally sure it will happen...One thing is for sure if I don't cook enough food to satisfy my husband he will likely be eating all the M&M's tonight. LOL!

    Banded with Favor~ I almost fell out of my chair laughing... That stinkin M&M's commercial cracks me up every time I see it. The fist pump is the best. As for you needing some chocolate... Girl go for it... Then do 10 extra sits up and call it even. :)