Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I know its been forever since I posted. Holy cow guys I have been so freakin busy at work it literally makes me sick to my stomach. None the less I have not lost any weight. I know my portions are smaller and I am much more continuous of what I am eating, but the scale is not showing WOW factor.  My exercise could be increased, but ya know what... if I was star athlete with tons of motivation I wouldn't need the darn band!!!

I did get my self a fit bit over the weekend and it is nice to have some accountability. It really allows you to challenge your self and it was good to know how far I had walked the other day. The weather has been so nice my husband and I went to the beach and walked a couple of miles. He wanted to do it again yesterday but I insisted we had to go home and clean the house as the MOTHER IN LAW IS COMING!!!!! Eek!

Aside from not dropping a ton of weight I have been struggling with the idea of calories vs. carbs. I feel like the low carb only diet is not gonna work. It seems toooooooo much like a diet. I understand that counting calories can feel that way as well, but I also feel like you have a little more liberty of things you can consume. The food industry is much more savy with calorie couting than low carb. My biggest concern with calorie couting is how to count the calories unless I eat a lot of prepackaged foods. I am not sure how to count the chicken breast with a side of cabbage... I am not sure how to count the eat out meal that me and hubby share, or the coffee from Starbucks that we split. ~ I know this may sound crazy but I just don't get it... Anywho's maybe a few of you successful bandsters are willing to share your wisdom....

On to another note... went to the running shoe store.... YUK!!! Just as I suspected the guy was so not engaged... I could see the wheels churning in his head... "what the heck is this fat girl doing in her trying to buy some shoes...." None the less I was even more turned off because I general wear a size 9 tennis shoes and I am totally comfortable. This guy brought out a 10.5.... The crappy part is that I only had about a thumbs length of space and he said that was perfect. On top of that the shoes looked like they were on old people steroids. The were so UGLY!!!!!

Anyways the guys suggested that I just were my five finger shoes. He said since I have chosen to do aerobics, dancing and Xbox 360 workouts, then tennis shoes aren't that great anyways. He explained that they are not really made for side to side motion and that the 5fingers offer more agility because they allow you to use a more natural stance than the height of the tennis shoe.... After listening to him I just gave up... I bought some insoles for the shoes I currently have and quickly got outta there... Urg! 

So next challenge... Find the motivation to keep working out..... and hope that my first fill on Monday will go well and jump start my weight loss...


  1. I track using myfitness has a lot of the going out places to eat and the food they serve. For your starbucks scenerio I would look the drink up you had and put that you only had 1/2 of it. I track calories but keep an eye on my carbs. You can scan anything you have in your pantry if you have a camera on your phone. I find this useful for looking stuff op. Pretty much anything you buy has a scanbar and you can add your recipes and store them. There may be some gestimating but I bet you would be surprised how many calories you really do consume. I know I was consuming way more calories than I thought before I started tracking.

  2. Hey Jennax... I have myfitness pal but I have not been using it... If you got to a salad bar and make a salad... how do you track what you put on your salad... Example.... Tons of raw spinach... eggs, mushrooms, carrots, cheese, bacon bits... balsalmic dressing... how would you calculate the calories for that?

  3. I use myfitnesspal as well and as for the salad, you would need to enter in each item with the amount as close to the amount you used and it will give you the cal count...I have found it to be so easy and such a saving grace. It breaks down your sodium, carbs, cal, everything. It is not exact as we don't always eat exactly 1/2 cup but it is the closest thing to exact I have used... plus you can add friends...Jenn is a friend of mine and I see her weight loss, and workouts as they are is very motivating and helps you to keep on track because your freinds are aware...It has been a great tool for me. Jenn is right too about the scan bar...such a breeze...

  4. I also use my fitness pal. Jenn is also a friend of mine. I like it because I can go out to eat and still "kinda" figure out how many calories I had. I guesstimate on some things. What I really like is that I can add my own recipes in and find out how many calories I eat. My kids and hubby love my meatloaf. I entered it all and found out that a 3 oz portion is a little over 180 calories. It was awesome! I just keep track of calories and protein.