Friday, May 4, 2012

Sorry your BMI is too high...

So I know its been a while again...But I had to force my self to post about this situation...

So I am in the market for a new job, and there is a new hospital opening in Doha, Qatar. I love the thought of living abroad and working with the people of a different land. I called up the recruiting company and had a positively inspiring conversation. The lady and I spoke of my experience and she said I would be a wonderful candidate.  She asked if I would like to pursue the interview process and start my application assessments... "Sure" I replied.  She said I need to ask you a few health questions before we proceed...

Are you generally healthy...... Yes
Do you take daily prescription Medication.... No
How tall are you.... 5'5"
How much do you weigh... 244 lbs.

She then replies... "Oh, I am so sorry, we will not be able to move forward because your BMI is too high". I paused in disbelief , but quickly had to recover with..... Well I just had lapband surgery and I am progressively losing weight do you think they would make an exception for the right person???? She calmly says.... Oh no.... they won't budge... They are concerned with how hot it is and they only want healthy Americans to apply, but.... If you BMI falls below 30 give me a call and I would be happy to represent you.

Really... really... Did I just experience and outward expression of  "BMI discrimination"???? Part of me feels like I should be appreciative of the fact that they were straight up with me, and part of me thinks my education and experience is being over shadowed by my BMI. Wow.... I guess Doha, Qatar is not in my near future.


  1. holy cow! I had heard that this is the wave of the fat people already are starting to pay higher insurance rate now we could possibly not get the job...crazy!

  2. Omg! I am so sorry you had to hear that! I heard there's a hospital here the states that has a similar policy